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Your letters and testimonies tell us how this site is making a difference in your lives. Below are some comments received from members.

I wrote to thank you for all you are doing and still going to do to make singles find their perfect match, I have found my dream wife. and I know that I would spend the rest of my life with her. No one had ever made me feel this way before. We hope other members will gain from this service too... Mike, 2006-04-20

After having a lot of ups and downs in my lovelife i felt that there is no hope left for me, and i am going to spend my life alone! Then i met someone ... thank you for restoring my faith in true love again.... Mary, 2006-08-16

I came across your website on a search engine and thought I would give it a try. I'd been single for seven years and was really starting to miss having a companion. As I was searching through the different faces I saw HIS profile and thought I'd send HIM a message, when HE replied it was magic! Our first meeting was beautiful, we got on so well and after Lunch we went out to play on the BEACH with our arms around each other! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with HIM! Thank you to all of you! Helen, 2006-01-12

When I have registered to this site- I never thought I will find a great friends and communicators here. Before going on this site- I was really lonely and nobody even wanted to share the word with me, in general people were just nice with me and thats it- but friends wise- people did not understand my life situations and thought that I was strange. Afterwards; when I have registered on this site- I have met great friends and communicators who actually had understood me and my personality and right now I have made lots of good friends that I visit with my family on occasions even.Thank you to the Dating Services Pokrov...Kira

Thank You Dating Services Pokrov- with this dating we have found each other. More than year ago- I have registered on this dating, I am myself from Russia and I have met Tom. Some time we were just writing to each other and than we have exchanged phone numbers, we have called each other. Tom was from New York city and in some time, he came to me to Russia and we have met each other better. Further, we got engaged and officially married. Dating Services Pokrov is left in our memory as our first meeting. Right now we live together in New York and we are really happy.Thank you for everything-Marina and Tom.

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